The IELTS exam has four sections – reading, writing, speaking and listening

The M1 exam at UJF is very similar to the IELTS reading section.

If you do all the vocabulary and grammar sections of Study Skills Success, together with the Reading » section, you will be well prepared for the M1 Reading comprehension exam.

The advantage of the « Active Reading » program, is that you can choose the level you wish to work at, from Elementary to Advanced. It's a really good idea to do something which you find easy. We teachers call that « fluency practise » i.e. really using English without having to think about it will help you achieve higher levels !

With Road to IELTS, you can choose a subject which you find interesting.

And if you are not going to take the IELTS exam, and are here because of the M1 requirements, don't forget to focus on the reading section of these programs.

GOOD LUCK and - may we say - enjoy :-)